God's Kingdom is not just inside a building.

God is God and His Kingdom is all across the earth. His Kingdom is being established within our neighborhoods, our schools, our cities, and our government. And what He's doing right now is waking up His body because He wants to move in our midst in new ways! That means your work as a student, homemaker, banker, plumber, teacher, bus driver, HR worker, dentist, lawyer, administrative assistant, CEO, athlete, politician, janitor, daycare worker... is holy. That's right, when done unto the Lord and operating in your unique gifts and abilities: Your Work is Holy.


  • “Our lives on earth will shape our eternal existence. In Will You Put Me First? my friend, Dave Gerry, challenges us to view our work as a form of worship—because, as you’ll see, what we do matters just as much as
    who we are!"

    John Bevere

    Best-selling Author and Minister
    Co-founder of Messenger International

  • "If you’ve spent time with someone and afterwards remarked, “there was something incredibly different about that person, something that put me at ease, at a sense of great peace,” then you’ve met Dave Gerry. He’s a man whose daily life evidences God’s Love and Grace. This wonderful book is the life story of a man’s faithfulness to God and how God has worked through him. Anyone seeking what God’s purpose is in their life will see it clearly through Dave Gerry’s example."

    Jim Hardy

    World Golf Teachers Hall of Fame Member

  • “By God’s grace Dave Gerry showed up in my life at crossroads moments. My life was altered because of those encounters. I will forever be changed. The message in this book, the testimony of a journey with Jesus, will inspire you to seek encounters with the Almighty.” 

    David L. Cook, Ph.D.

    Sport and Performance Psychologist

    Author/Executive Producer: Seven Days in Utopia

  • “There are people you meet you’ll never forget – not because they are personally impressive, but spiritually impressive!  Dave’s stories give you a glimpse into the power of discerning and obeying in fearless humility…a power that makes a difference both in the church and in the marketplace.”

    Wayne Schmidt

    General Superintendent, The Wesleyan Church

  • “Dave is one of my heroes of the faith! He demonstrated how a faithful businessman can have an impact in a community. … What most impressed me about Dave is that he was willing to simply obey God, whatever the cost.”

    Dave Konkol

    Outreach Pastor, First Free Church, Onalaska, WI

  • "Dave's heart is one like our Heavenly Father's, full of compassion and love. Being in Dave's presence is such a blessing. I walk away from every interaction with Dave feeling like I have been with someone who had been with Jesus. Dave inspires my heart to be more on fire for Jesus.” 

    Ryan Bibb

    Lead Pastor, Radiant Life Church, Sturgis, MI

  • “Dave is a unique servant, led by the Spirit, that God uses to open the eyes, ears, and hearts of leaders longing for more of God. I highly recommend taking the time to let his stories invite you into your next step of Kingdom work and ministry." 

    Dr. Brian Bennett

    Lead Pastor, Pathway Church, Vero Beach, FL  

    (Author: Go Now and Be the Church: Becoming an Overflowing Community)

  • About the Author

    Dave Gerry has been a Madison area businessman for 35 years. He is the CEO of The Princeton Club - a health club he founded in 1987. Today The Princeton Club has 11 locations and over 50,000 members. He is also the CEO of SaltCo - an upcoming venture disrupting the water softening salt delivery market. While CEO is his official title, Dave describes himself more as a "coach". His desire is to help lead, inspire and encourage the next generation in their own entrepreneurial endeavors. He wants people to understand the value of their role in the marketplace and how God wants to use them in whatever arena they are called to function in.

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